Mari like woa. (doodleface) wrote in fashionsweets,
Mari like woa.


Look what I got at the jewelery show yesterday!

Sorry for the blurryness...these were the clearest shots I could get with my not-so-hot camera

Beautiful antique pearly earrings...$12. oh they make me so happy

another pair from the same stall...light blue pearl $12, from Italy

got a necklace to match :)

2 gorgeous pins that I absolutely adore...$5 each

2 cute flower pins :)

these aren't from the jewelry show, but I like them so I thought I'd share.

a bunch of pretty little things my mommy bought for me in NYC

Flower earring is from H&M, $3, little yellow one from Claire's, set of 6 diff pairs $6

and lastly, a cool picture I took at my window with too much light.

have a nice day!
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