I'd love for you to know (charmwithin) wrote in fashionsweets,
I'd love for you to know


ok, so i posted a while back requesting help finding a dress. i said yellow, but have now found my dress, at *gasp* delias. the link is below.


i'm thinking of just going classic white, with my hair down (straight) or in a pony tail sort of like the girl's in the picture, and wearing a cute pair of flats. i'm not very much into the whole neon 80's thing right now, so classic and simple seems the only way for me. but...i'd love you're opinions. But i did'nt post just to hear how ugly this was. i've gotten alot of that lately.

well anywho, thanks for your help in advance, any opinions and advice is welcome and needed! thanks a bunch.

(sorry its text only).
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