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Desperate Time, Desperate Call: Shoe & Dress Help

Sorry if I'm soooooo late on this.

Tomorrow night is my frat's 10th Anniversary Banquet. I got my dress, but I just need to decide which shoes to wear. I have 2 in mind, but I want to see which one looks better w/ my dress.

If any of you are awake at this time, can you please take the time to check and see which shoe & combo. is better. I'll be awake for a bit, but I'll only check back at around 7-8 a.m. PT since I have to be somewhere before 9 a.m. PT.

If nobody get back to me before I go to bed and/or when I check this message first thing in the morning, I'll bring both shoes & ask my frat sisters.

Anyways, thanx a whole lot for your help. I know it's last minute, but I've been so busy lately.

Anyways, have a wonderful night! Take care!


This is the dress I'll be wearing tomorrow night:

Option A:

Option B:

Keep in mind that those of the only shoes I have that'll go well w/ my dress. I wasn't able to find any other shoes at the mall today. Anyways, thanx again for helping out! :D
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