I'd love for you to know (charmwithin) wrote in fashionsweets,
I'd love for you to know

hey guys- i need some help. we're having our continuation dance *graduation, jr prom, whatever you want to call it* and i'm going to get a head start (psh, head start?) on finding a dress. i suspect 90% of the girls in my class will show up in fruffy- hot pink/black color combinations. i'd rather not have a carbon copy. i'd love something vintage *eep, money- cheap.* and unique- with a 20's or...40's (?) feel about it. i usually dont like the color yellow very much, but i think its gorgeous on dresses. maybe something along the lines of... this?

http://www.posterplanet.net/images/howtoloseaguy.jpg (computer has a mental problem, sorry if link isnt working).

remember- i'm not strapped w/ any big money numbers- so the cost might be an issue.

well anyways, i know its a picky post- and i'd greatly appreciate any help! thanks so much guys!
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