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+Location:New Hampshire
+Nicknames: Chubbo, Rudy, Dennis, and oh so many more nonsence nicknames.

+Favourite Decade : Hmm, the 80's...Alf rules my existance. *drool*
+Favourite Places To Shop: Target,wet seal, urban outfitters <3
+Favourite Designers: Hmm, I dont have a favorite designer-I'm more of an impulse buyer.
+Who are some of your style icons? Mmm, Samaire Armstrong. No one else comes to mind at the moment.
+What fashion trend do you hate the most? Pants that try to sum up someone's personality on their rear end. ex: 'Angel' 'Surf Gurl' (noticabley spelt wrong)
+What do you think about celebrities showing too much skin? There isn't enough left to the imagination! They are obviously proud of their bodies but they should at least try to be classy about it. It seems some celebrities need to compensate for a lack of talent...

+Music You're Into, and Why (specific bands, please): Well, I dont have one specific type, although I do like All thats left, Billy Joel, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Woo!
+Favourite Movies: About a boy, Sixteen Candles, Grease, The Santa Clause.
+Favourite Books: Ella Enchanted <3(Yes, I am a fairy tale dweeb.), The Catcher in The Rye, Summer
+Say Anything: "It takes life to love life." -Masters     Bacon is my cryptonite.
+Rank these, in order of importance: fashion, kindness, intelligence, individuality, being "cool". individuality, intelligence, kindness, fashion, being 'cool'

+Post at least 2 pictures of you (no more than10)!

  Me and my best friend, being ourselves in public. Me on the right, roaring with eviction.


 Yes, my dance partner is a sweater-thing.

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